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Panasonic EXENA Impact Driver EZ1PD1X-R Red 14.4V 18V Tool Only

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Product description

The EZ1PD1X-R has a short head length of 98 mm, so you can work smoothly even in narrow spaces.
Even when working in a complicated place with existing equipment and piping, the head does not get in the way and comfortable work is possible.
Equipped with a high-performance microcomputer, it is possible to tighten screws with half the pressing force of conventional products.
In addition to the three "strong / medium / weak" striking force switching modes, the "tex screw mode" dedicated to tightening the tex screw is also installed, making it easy to tighten in all tasks.

It constantly senses the movement with a high-performance microcomputer and Panasonic's original algorithm, and optimally controls the speed and power of the motor in real time.
This reduces come-out by automatically controlling the number of revolutions of the body according to the load.
Achieves smooth hits by reducing the hits of each hit and increasing the speed of motor rotation.
Stable screwing is possible even with long screws.

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions: 59 x 98 x 190 mm
Chuck: New one-touch bit lock method (dimension up to step is 13 mm)
Rotation speed (rotation / minute): 0 to 2700/0 to 1600/0 to 1000/0 to 2100 (for strong / medium / weak / tex)
Maximum tightening torque: When 18V is installed (forward / reverse same torque) (N ・ m) 155/120/40 (strong / medium / weak)
LED light: 3 modes (switch interlocking / manual ON / manual OFF) Number of hits (times / minute) 0-4100 / 0-3100 / 0-2100 / 0-2100 (for strong / medium / weak / tex)
Weight: 0.78kg
Country of origin: China
Dimensions: 59 x 98 x 190 mm
Color: Red

Please note: not Included: Batteries,Charger & Storage
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Panasonic EXENA Impact Driver EZ1PD1X-R Red 14.4V 18V Tool Only

$238.90 USD
$215.00 USD

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