The warranty period is 30 days from the original date of delivery.
In case of manufacturer’s defects we offers warranties against manufacturing defects on its products within the warranty period
and will repair or replace the defective product with an existing comparable model.

We sell Japanese domestic model products, and the warranty is valid only in Japan. If you do need a repair, You need to send the item to us.

You are responsible for shipping charges to send the product back to Japan. We will evaluate whether the product is repairable or not.
Return your product at the place of purchase and please bring this warranty policy with the product for repair orders.

The warranty is not applicable for the following cases whether the product is within the warranty period or not.

– Fail to present this warranty policy card.
– Fail to present the defected product.
– Damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or normal wear-and-tear (such as scratch due to use of bindings/boots).
– Damage resulting from improper repair or customization.
– Damage caused by dropping or strong impact during use or shipping.